Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why a Blog?

  1. I’m hoping writing more consistently to make entries into this blog at least three times a week will kick-start an addiction so the writing habit will include working on (to completion of an entire first draft by Spring 2010) my long-awaited mystery novel.
  2. I read an article that recommended blogging for young professionals as a way of presenting their capabilities and credentials, presuming the blogs have something serious to say about their profession and industry. I’m not young enough for that to help me get a job. In fact, I’m so old I’m terrified of looking for a new one if/when I join the ranks of the laid off, the downsized in order to make the firm ‘right sized.’ Blogging will not help me get another job in and of itself, but perhaps it’ll make me think outside of my job, outside the box, about the rest of the world so I can find yet another ‘career.’ Or just a job.
  3. Why are there old play and film reviews on this blog? Because I wasn’t doing a blog when I wrote them, yet I wrote them for friends. I decided that waste is not healthy.
  4. What I love about the concept of blogging is that it can (or I can make it) force me to acknowledge all my scribblings, edit them in the cold light of day, and make believe that all the time I spent writing in bars was not a waste – and you know how I feel about waste.
  5. I have been working hard, working well, but without passion because I have none for my job, or the industry I’ve been in for 17 years. Trying to work my way back to my life, I employ this blog as a stepping stone. Which brings me to:

    Thoughts resembling a Mission Statement:
    To what do I wish to step?
  • My Self that I left behind years ago for the sake of safety – ie., regular paychecks and medical insurance.
  • My work, that I left in an immature stage of development, as an actor, a director, and a writer.
  • The courage that I once had.

Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch….

Thanks for stopping by,
Molly Matera
August 2009

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