Saturday, May 15, 2010

TiMER opens in New York!

At the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival, I saw a fun, smart, non-misogynistic romantic comedy called TiMER. This is a science fiction romantic comedy, if you can imagine that. Happily Jac Schaeffer could. TiMER was written, directed, and produced by women, and probably for that reason – I stubbornly believe – it had a hard time finding a distribution deal. Well, those women (writer and director Jac Schaeffer, and producers Jennifer Flynn, Rikki Jarrett, and Schaeffer) persevered, and yesterday TiMER opened in New York City. Only one theatre so far – City Cinemas Village East Cinema on 2nd Avenue -- but it’s a start! I had yet to create this blog when I first saw the film, so couldn’t complain online last spring that TiMER didn’t have a distributor. This spring I'm happy to say Congrats to the film’s creative team for finding a distributor, and to Capewatch Pictures for releasing TiMER. This film is delightful. Emma Caulfield (that’s Anya for Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans) and Michelle Borth star. I’ll certainly be going for a second viewing. Watch this space!

Bad news of the day – the Empire Diner is closing today. Unimaginable.

~ Thanks for stopping by ~ Molly Matera -- signing off to trek into Manhattan to see TiMER!

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