Monday, December 6, 2010

The Kids Are All Right

It’s the 7th day. The kids have settled in: Millie the mama, Chick the sister, and Wilbur the brother have grown accustomed to their new space. I’ve almost grown accustomed to waking up to all the throw rugs tossed around the room. Every day they show me something I need to move if I want it to remain intact.

There was that day when the three of them were racing around the kitchen and I heard a timer start. I caught them all on the counter, and the “timer” sound was the oven they’d turned on. Oh dear. Here you see the pressure sensitive controls of my oven, complete with paw prints.

Here you see the solution -- little lids of little plastic crates from Staples, plus priceless duct tape, of course.

I covered the sink cleaning powder, since they appear to have bounced into it and shot its powder all over. They’ve even knocked over the knife block! Joint effort, or Millie alone?

Millie is getting heavier – it’s as if she doesn’t believe she’ll stay here and continue to be fed. The little ones are hungry in the morning, then they go running around, turning the Bose on and off. I’ve rigged a temporary cover and shifted their path to another side of it.

Spent many hours today clearing up the bedroom to make it more habitable – first the closet, threw out some things, made room for other things in the bedroom that needed a new stash. Anything in bags went into boxes or drawers I could close to keep the cats out. I cleaned, I vacuumed, I stashed. Enough done to allow the cats to come into the bedroom when I’m home, so I no longer have to shut the bedroom door constantly. Right now all 3 are sitting in the bedroom with me. Mama Millie is alternately licking herself and her daughter, except when she decides to fight with Chick. Wilbur is disappearing into the pillows (not the ones I sleep on, they’re covered!).

Now, so long as I’m home, they can enjoy the afternoon light streaming into the bedroom, and run an even longer length of the apartment. There are still things to clear out, still wires to tie up, but we all have the run of the whole apartment now. Frabjous.

Just a tad worried about Millie overeating. Maybe I should rename her “Scarlet,” since she clearly thinks she must ensure that she’ll “never be hungry again.”

~ Molly Matera, signing off, tying up a few loose ends while the kids catnap.


  1. What to do about a Xmas tree? My current dilemma. You? I've never had three in such a small, open space, and my monsters (they are, verily--the boys are nearly 13 lbs. each because of their [mixed] breed) are sure to climb into and chew, whether plastic or fir. Sigh... .But better pine trees out my window than the kitties, who are best off inside. Brrr....

  2. I've had Christmas trees with cats in the past, but this time.... it's chaotic enough without the addition of a tree. Just think, if all three go on at once, over it goes... so no, just boxes of my online ordering for them to play with. Maybe I'll wrap them cheerily. Of course, everything I wrap this year will have white cathair included....

  3. I've been thinking about this and I don't want to deprive myself of my beloved Xmas ornaments, so I'm thinking of stringing some real pine garland as close to the ceiling as possible (and as far away from a springboard--bookcases, TV, etc.) and suspend my favorite ornaments from there. So far, it's just a thought. You? Mayhaps time to don lots of winter white! I've moved closer to sartorial things brown than black, and find British tweedy things camouflage a lot! Ha, ha, ho, ho! Hey, we've saved lives, so I hardly apologize for wearing cat hair anymore!