Friday, April 20, 2012

Staycation Day 3

I took a few days off this week so I could space out backyard cleaning, digging, raking, and planting over 3-4 days instead of an insufficient weekend.  It's day 3, and I'm exhausted.

However, what needed pruning is pruned, what needed raking is raked, soil needing turning is turned, and flowers and vegetables planted.

The cats quite enjoyed my outdoor work.  I found two kittens watching me trim back a hedge in the front of my apartment that was working its way into the air conditioner.  Then as I scrubbed and freshened the birdbaths, I had all three watching when robin came to bathe.

Best part of yesterday was the hot shower after all the prep work.  Best part of today was after the hot shower — sitting out back staring at my new plants.

There’s more work to be done outside, but nothing that will set these old bones to aching the way opening up the garden does.  Now I’ll just have to pay attention – this year beneficent negligence won’t do.  I put in a zucchini plant, swiss chard, a pole bean plant (they’ve done well in my yard in the past), then more sage than I’d ever use (what was I thinking?) parsley, nasturtium, sorrel, and something I’ve never heard of but it was cool looking:  Santolina Neapolitana.  It’s a Perennial Herb and is supposed to be an insect repellant.  Also planted some catnip.  Uh oh.  What I did not plant was rosemary, but that hardy girl survived our mild winter in her pot and is thriving. Who knew?

Also planted sedum, and before it was even in the ground, its assertion was proven by this beautiful visitor:

So birds and butterflies, come on over.  The garden awaits you.  Squirrels, all those marigolds are for you:  keep away!

~ Molly Matera, signing off to pop some ibuprofen so I might be able to get up tomorrow.

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