Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eight Things to Remember about Wild Turkey

  1. One can smell it through a closed cup.

  2. Unlike Coca Cola (which can render a filthy grill or a gunked-up car battery clean), it overwhelms the cardboard bottom of a paper cup and seeps through.

  3. Paper napkins under a leaking cup are quickly sodden with a powerful aroma.

  4. One starts to wonder if it will seep into the wood of the desk.

  5. One hopes one has strongly scented Pledge wipes available.

  6. It makes a sore throat feel better while it’s in the throat.

  7. It enables one to feel equipped to go to a bar and continue drinking through the night, despite a sore throat.

  8. Wild Turkey can make one write an entirely different blog from that originally intended.

~ MM, turning off the computer, the light, everything.

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