Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Questions I'd like answered someday

  1. Is the steroid scandal in sports just about Naming Names? If there were facts about who did what drugs 5 years ago, weren’t the rules in place then? Would they not have been booted off the teams until they cleaned up?
  2. How is driving too fast and quite aimlessly in circles (or ellipses) a sport?
  3. If ping pong is a sport, why isn’t bocce one?
  4. Why is it that, when you ask someone what a book//movie/play/tv show etc was about, they’ll give you a blow by blow, scene by scene recitation of what happened. Which is not what whatever-it-was was about. Yes, this is one of those reading comprehension questions from school. What a book/movie/play/tv show/what-you-will is about takes more thought after ingestion than a mere recounting of actions. (Of course, some book//movie/play/tv show etc are not about anything. Oh dear.)
  5. I heard a psychologist talking about why people confess to crimes they did not commit. Why does it take a psychologist to answer that? Sleep-, food-, water-, freedom-deprived people will say anything it takes in their attempt (however vain) to get back to their lives.

− Thanks for dropping by. MM, turning off the computer, but not the light − I have reading to do.

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